Month: March 2014

Treema Installation, Pit Falls :)

As of this commit

If you would like to contribute to Treema, first step is to fork it to your repo. Whenever you have some code commit, you have to push it to your forked repo and create a pull request which the admins can merge with their master branch.

Installation Steps:

Clone from git, using:  git clone

npm install

npm install bower -g

npm install brunch -g

In .bowerrc file change path from “dev/bower-components” to “bower-components”

bower install

Bang, you are all set ! Just run “treema-brunch” executable which is present in bin folder by default.

Most irritating problem which I faced was, as a noob, I used to run some commands with sudo and others without. This made a hell of a mess. Just note that using sudo will make the files available only for root. As a rule of thumb, try installing without sudo if it compels you only then you have to opt for it.

If you see any error saying EACESS, change the ownership of folders/files from root to your account. 

Example: chown $HOME/.config/*