Month: September 2014

Android Common Mistakes

Hi Fellas,

I wanted to document common mistakes that we make while making android apps. Here we go (I’ll keep updating the list)-

  • Device not getting detected – device must be connected as a “media device”, usb debugging must be enabled.
  • Eclipse dalvik error – Check if multiple copies of same library added to your project.
    Layout Related:

  • Scroll View does not assume full height of the screen unlike linearlayout. android:fillViewport=”true” has to be used

Android TextView Clipping

Hi All,

Recently I came across a strange issue. Wrapping Textview inside Relative Layout and using height/width attributes as wrap_content does not actually fully wrap the content. TextView was being clipped.

One possible hack for such layouts is to set “gravity” attribute of TextView to “fill” which forces the TextView to display properly.

The actual problem seems to be with margins set to TextView and its parent (RealtiveLayout). Use padding instead of margins. I’ve not completely analysed it as my issue got fixed magically : )

Good Luck,

Happy Coding.

GME Course

Hello Guys,

GME is a course to join Merchant Navy after completion of B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering. It is a one year course.

I’ve recently come to know about GME course as my brother joined it. There are many colleges offering this course. The best option would be to join colleges which take students directly after completion of course. You need to clear an entrance test and interview before joining the course. This way you don’t have to search for jobs after compeletion of course. Now a days this has become very commercial and agents are charging hefty amounts to get you onboard. There are may frauds happening too. IMI Delhi does not have good placements. My suggestion is to choose a college like Vishwakarma Maritime Institute, Great Eastern, Tolani etc.,

There are some consultancies making fake promises. Beware of them.

One example, ( GPSMS ) Globlal Pacific Shipping and Marine Services