Month: September 2015

Android Application Supporting Maximum devices

Hola, I have uploaded an android app to play store which supports all devices. But when I saw in play store, for tablets it was showing as device not supported but I have tested it in tablet while developing the app. So, I’m sure that the app is compatible with the device.

Upon investigation, I found the problem was with Android Manifest file. There were some feature and permission which were redundant. I’ve removed them and it worked.

In detail – I have copied manifest file from some other project and forgot to remove redundant permissions. The permission “TELEPHONY” / “call” was causing the issue. As tablets do not have this functionality, play store was showing the device not compatible message. I read somewhere that play store does not treat permissions as compulsary while only features are considered mandatory which was not the case with this one permission -“call”. Even this small issue ate half of my day.

Hope this post will find those developers struggling with similar issue 🙂


Using Facebook Login in Android Applicaiton

In you facebook application, add platform “Android” and given your app details like package name etc.,

In the hash key field input the “Hash” generated by using below command-

keytool -exportcert -alias -keystore | openssl sha1 -binary | openssl base64

Just put the “hash” generated in the field provided and save your changes. You are good to go.

Make sure you provide exact “Key Store Alias” and password which you provided while generating the Store Key. Here is where you can possibly do mistakes-

    If you give wrong “Key Store Alias” you will get a “hash” which does not match with your production app. Sadly, you will realize that only after testing.
    If you give wrong password, you will get a “hash” which usually gets generated when something goes wrong! Go ahead and try giving different wrong password – It still gives same previous “hash”.

Good thing is facebook is showing you the correct hash key for your app incase you have given it incorrectly

** Above method is for apps in production **
If you are still using debug key to sign your app, use your debug keystore to generate the “hash” and update it in “developer settings”->”Sample App” page.