Android Studio – Git ignore files

Hi Folks,

This post is for people who are working on Android Studio Project in conjunction with Git.

I used to develop Android Apps in eclipse initially. I saw many people using Android Studio in stack overflow posts. Even my friend(Abhinav) has suggested to try Android Studio. I too got habituated using Git for all the projects. I consider Git is a breakthrough solving numerous problems. While learning to work on Android Studio, one main problem which I faced was setting the files to be tracked by git. So, below is the .gitignore file which suited me best.


I do understand that if above files are are ignored, its not possible for someone to clone the project and get started easily. In such cases, compress it and just send the project or create another repository.

If above mentioned files are not ignored, each time you make changes to remote repo, your team-mates need to struggle to get the updated project working.


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